Restorative Justice, Silence and Writing: Interview with Sue Goyette

Sue Goyette has published four collections of poetry, The True Names of Birds, Undone, Outskirts, and Ocean (the latter made the Canadian short list for the prestigious Griffin Poetry Prize in 2014) and a novel, Lures. Goyette has won the Pat Lowther Memorial Award, the Atlantic Poetry Prize, the CBC Literary Prize for Poetry, the Earle Birney Prize and the Bliss Carman Award;… Read more →

Interview with Curator Jan Ross

Jan Ross is a pioneer in the Province of British Columbia, taking on the development and management of an historic site as private entrepreneur. Her success at Emily Carr National and Provincial Historic Site as Resident Curator and Site Manager is now recognized nationally and beyond as an example of this innovative site-management approach. During the last 19 years, Ross… Read more →

Carr and Van Gogh

People Recognize Carr as Canada’s Van Gogh! Comments Surrounding Carr’s First UK Exhibition Watching the CBC national news the other night, I was delighted to see coverage of Carr’s first UK exhibition, which opened at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, England on November 1. “From the Forest to the Sea: Emily Carr in British Columbia,” curated by Canadian art… Read more →

Interview with Writer and Traveler Dennis Denisoff

About Dennis Denisoff: Dennis grew up in the West Kootenay area of British Columbia and studied creative writing at the now defunct David Thompson University Centre in Nelson with Margaret Hollingsworth, David McFadden, Fred Wah, and Tom Wayman. Here he also studied with George Bowering, Nicole Brossard, and Audrey Thomas, and had the honour of bp Nichol spitting Alpha-bits in his… Read more →

Interview with poet Douglas Walbourne-Gough

Douglas Walbourne-Gough is a poet, editor and arts administrator living in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. He has twice won and once adjudicated the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters Award’s senior poetry category; been published by CV2, Newfoundland Quarterly and QWERTY; awarded two NLAC professional project grants; been twice invited to read at the March Hare; given public readings in Corner… Read more →

Up North and Down South (and Dress)

This is an excerpt from my in-progress manuscript. I will not be posting many excerpts from this work. However, I was thinking about differences (as well as similarities) between ‘worlds’ again, probably because I can feel early autumn in the air right now in Newfoundland, and there is nothing comparable in terms of weather in Guyana or the Caribbean. My travels in… Read more →

Back in Newfoundland: The Familiar Made Strange

Ostranenie is a theoretical term that was coined by Russian writer and critic Viktor Borisovich Shklovsky. The English translation is “defamiliarization” and roughly stands for the concept of the familiar made strange. I love ostranenie. That is, I love it when I return to a place and I experience the familiar as strange. When I recently returned to Newfoundland after… Read more →

TRAVELLING: Newfoundland and Guyana

I am soon headed back to Newfoundland from Ottawa where I stopped for a while after leaving Guyana. I’m going through the journals I wrote in Guyana and trying to consider how I will perceive of possible connections between Newfoundland and Guyana when I’m writing from Newfoundland. The following excerpt is a piece I wrote about travel and some commonalities… Read more →


Today I rode my bicycle around town and tried to say goodbye to Guyana. I guess I was really saying goodbye to Georgetown, as this is where most of my time has been spent. It is expensive and time consuming to travel outside the capital, and most of my travel while here has been to the Eastern Caribbean as I… Read more →