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Existentialist Thought from Prague

There is a significant amount of public art in Prague, none so impressive as the moving, metal sculpture of the head of the great Czech author Franz Kafka. Artist David Černý designed this, and if you click on this link, you can see the sculpture move. What also stands out are David Černý’s fiberglass creations of the seeming otherworldly babies,… Read more →

Prague’s Dogs

It is absolutely impossible to ignore Prague’s dogs. There is a plethora of them. These are mainly small dogs who can be seen in parks and restaurants and around the streets. They are well groomed, pampered and obviously the joy of their owners’ lives. Why do I mention this here in blog posts which are dedicated to research about Bohemia… Read more →

Love More: Peace, Freedom and Prague

Being in Prague, it is impossible not to think of revolution. And like all revolutions that one has not seen firsthand or been involved in, the Czech Revolution is incredibly precarious to make a comment about. What I can say without the felt need to qualify my position as a new visitor here and to underscore my ignorance any further… Read more →

Trying to Understand Bohemia

For such a short period of time in Prague, do I try to live in or observe the city? One could argue that one could only observe a new place until one has comfortably gained a home of sorts in a place. However, for me, there are two types of travel. The first is to visit as many historical sights… Read more →

Introduction to Prague

Like any place new to me, Prague is difficult to immediately make sense of. It seems to be some kind of mix between Toronto and Amsterdam—a large modern city with an ancient skeleton.  What can be said without any reservation is that Prague is beautiful and full of options. In particular, restaurants abound, and anything can be found from traditional… Read more →