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Up North and Down South (and Dress)

This is an excerpt from my in-progress manuscript. I will not be posting many excerpts from this work. However, I was thinking about differences (as well as similarities) between ‘worlds’ again, probably because I can feel early autumn in the air right now in Newfoundland, and there is nothing comparable in terms of weather in Guyana or the Caribbean. My travels in… Read more →

TRAVELLING: Newfoundland and Guyana

I am soon headed back to Newfoundland from Ottawa where I stopped for a while after leaving Guyana. I’m going through the journals I wrote in Guyana and trying to consider how I will perceive of possible connections between Newfoundland and Guyana when I’m writing from Newfoundland. The following excerpt is a piece I wrote about travel and some commonalities… Read more →


Today I rode my bicycle around town and tried to say goodbye to Guyana. I guess I was really saying goodbye to Georgetown, as this is where most of my time has been spent. It is expensive and time consuming to travel outside the capital, and most of my travel while here has been to the Eastern Caribbean as I… Read more →


This excerpt is from a piece I wrote in Martinique, a French Department in the Caribbean. I had never been to a place like this in the Caribbean before—a place which is still part of a foreign country, like Puerto Rico or the British or U.S. Virgin Islands. I will post more about political differences later, but it was here… Read more →


I am using this blog as a way to expand and experiment with my writing process. I may occasionally post short pieces that I have written while in the Caribbean. Her eyes locked with the hazel eyes of the youngest man, he a mixture, it seemed, of all the cultures that had shaped the country. He kept her gaze and offered a gentle smile,… Read more →


I have been in Guyana (South America) almost six months. Supported by a Canada Council Grant and on sabbatical from Memorial University (Grenfell Campus) where I teach, I came here to continue work on an in-progress manuscript I had begun in Jamaica (where I have lived and spent significant time)—entitled As Crows and John-Crows Fly. This was to be my next… Read more →