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Restorative Justice, Silence and Writing: Interview with Sue Goyette

Sue Goyette has published four collections of poetry, The True Names of Birds, Undone, Outskirts, and Ocean (the latter made the Canadian short list for the prestigious Griffin Poetry Prize in 2014) and a novel, Lures. Goyette has won the Pat Lowther Memorial Award, the Atlantic Poetry Prize, the CBC Literary Prize for Poetry, the Earle Birney Prize and the Bliss Carman Award;… Read more →

Up North and Down South (and Dress)

This is an excerpt from my in-progress manuscript. I will not be posting many excerpts from this work. However, I was thinking about differences (as well as similarities) between ‘worlds’ again, probably because I can feel early autumn in the air right now in Newfoundland, and there is nothing comparable in terms of weather in Guyana or the Caribbean. My travels in… Read more →

Back in Newfoundland: The Familiar Made Strange

Ostranenie is a theoretical term that was coined by Russian writer and critic Viktor Borisovich Shklovsky. The English translation is “defamiliarization” and roughly stands for the concept of the familiar made strange. I love ostranenie. That is, I love it when I return to a place and I experience the familiar as strange. When I recently returned to Newfoundland after… Read more →