Selected Scholarship



In Honour of Frank Lumsden

“Documenting Presence: Courage, Community and Dignity” (from Maroon and Mi’kmaq: An International Indigenous Exchange. Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. November 4-5, 2013) PDF


“Renouncing and Rewriting Myth: Natalie Diaz’s When My Brother Was an Aztec.Women Poets and Myth in the 20th and 21st Centuries: On Sappho’s Website Cambridge Scholars’ Press. 2018. (book chapter). Click here to view. 

“Death, Rebirth and Considerations of the ‘Indigenous’ in Kathleen Winter’s Annabel.” University of Bucharest Review: Literary & Cultural Studies Series. 2017, Vol. 7 Issue 1, p91-100. 10p. Link to PDF of the article is here.

McKenzie, Stephanie. “An Assessment of Jamaican-Canadian Poet Pamela Mordecai’s Poetic Oeuvre.” Journal of West Indian Literature 23. 1&2 (April/November 2015): 47-72. Click here to read abstract (journal must be purchased).

McKenzie, Stephanie. “From Newfoundland to Guyana.” The Guyana Annual 2014-2015. 31-34. PDF

McKenzie, Stephanie. “A Sessional Manifesto.” English Studies in Canada. Vol 37: 1 (2011). With Adam Beardsworth. PDF

McKenzie, Stephanie. “Spirituality and Addiction: The Role of Twelve-Step Programs in Eden Robinson’s Blood Sports.Spirituality in the 21st Century: Journeys beyond Entrenched Boundaries. Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2014. 153-160.  PDF

McKenzie, Stephanie and Shoshannah Ganz. “This Those Slaves Must Have Known Who Were My Mothers’: Women Who Live By Their Own Rules in Dionne Brand’s Land to Light On.” Caribbeing: Comparing Caribbean Literatures and Cultures. Ed. Van Haesendonck, Kristian and Theo D’haen. Studies in Comparative Literature Series 77 Eds. Barfoot, C.C. and Theo D’haen. Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi. 213-25. PDF


Interviews by Stephanie

Rex Brown. Interview by Stephanie McKenzie. CITL, MUN, St. John’s, 2018. 

Neha Maqsood. Interview by Stephanie McKenzie. Postcolonial Text. 13.1 (2018). n. page.  PDF can be found here.

“The Importance of Preserving Guyana’s Literary Heritage and Contemporary Literary Scene: An Interview with Young Guyanese Producer and Artist Yaphet Jackman about Upscale Poetry Readings in Georgetown, Guyana, and More.” Postcolonial Text Vol 10:2 (2015).

Lucien, Vladimir. Interview by Stephanie McKenzie. “An Interview with Vladimir Lucien: Winner of the 2015 OCM Bocas Prize for Caribbean Literature.” The Jamaica Observer. Bookends sec. 10 May 2015: P1-P4. Page 1: PDF Page 2-3: PDF Page 4: PDF

“Cords and Trunks”: An Interview with Melanie Schwapp and a Discussion of Dew Angels.” Postcolonial Text Vol 7:4 (2012). PDF

“Interview with Tanya Shirley—An Important Poet to Watch For: A Discussion of She Who Sleeps with Bones, the Kingston Poetry Scene, and Contemporary Caribbean Poetry.” Postcolonial Text Vol 7:4 (2012). PDF

“Salt Fish and Ackee: An Interview with Pamela Mordecai.” Postcolonial Text Vol 6:1 (2011). With Shoshannah Ganz. PDF


Reviews by Stephanie

“Island Hoppings: Over 20 Years of Pamela Mordecai’s Poetry Recorded.” Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. 4 Sept. 2016: 2. PDF

“Crashing Canons: A Review of Pamela Mordecai’s Sixth Book of Poetry, de book of Mary: A Performance Poem.Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. 20 March 2016: P4. PDF

“A Review of Red Jacket: Pamela Mordecai’s First Novel.” The Sunday Observer 4 Oct. 2015: P3. PDF

“Bold and Beautiful: A Review of Tanya Shirley’s The Merchant of Feathers. Rev. of The Merchant of Feathers, by Tanya Shirley. The Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. 31 May 2015: P4. PDF

“Some of the Best Verse Around: Vladimir Lucien’s Sounding Ground.” Rev. of Sounding Ground, by Vladimir Lucien. The Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. 15 Feb. 2015: P3. PDF

“The Great Feminist Beat Poet’s First Book in Decades: A Review of Diane di Prima’s The Poetry Deal.” The Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. 11 January 2015: P3. PDF

“Oranges and Mangoes and the 2014 OCM Bocas Prize.” The Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. May 18, 2014. Full text found here.

“The Importance of Guyana’s Archives.” Rev. of “Archival Sources in Guyana and their Significance,” by Tommy Payne. The Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. March 30, 2014: P3. PDF

“Diamond in the Rough.” Rev. of “El Dorado Complex in the Shaping of the Indo-Guyanese: A Revisionist Perspective,”  2014 Republic of Guyana Distinguished Lecture by Clem Seecharan, Georgetown, Guyana, Feb. 19, 2014; “To Write Is to Learn,” Lecture at Moray House by Clem Seecharan, Georgetown, Guyana, Feb. 20, 2014; and Rupununi Music and Arts Festival (finale), The National Cultural Centre, Georgetown, Guyana, February 18, 2014. The Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. March 2, 2014: P3. PDF

Rev. of O Starry, Starry Night, by Derek Walcott. Dir. Walcott. Perf. Brian Carter-Green, Natalie LaPorte, Wendell Manwarren, David Tarkenter, Nigel Scott and Michael Prokopiou. Sammans Park, St. Lucia. 8 Aug. 2013. The Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. August 18, 2013: P2. PDF

Rev. of Subversive Sonnets, by Pamela Mordecai. The Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. January 27, 2013: 3. PDF

Rev. of thirsty, by Dionne Brand. Dir. Peter Hinton. Perf. Carol Cece Anderson, Audrey Dwyer, Andrew Moodie and Jackie Richardson. National Arts Centre Theatre, NAC Studio. 17 Nov. 2012. The Jamaica Observer, Bookends sec. November 25, 2012: 4. PDF

Edited Publications (Selected)



Pittman, Al. An Island in the Sky: Selected Poetry of Al Pittman. Edited by Martin Ware and Stephanie McKenzie. St John’s, NL: Breakwater Books, 2003.










McKenzie, Stephanie, and Marc Thackray, eds. Humber Mouths: Young Voices from the West Coast of Newfoundland & Labrador. Corner Brook: Scop, 2002. Print.









Humber Mouths 2

McKenzie, Stephanie, and Douglas Walbourne-Gough, eds. Humber Mouths 2: Voices from the West Coast of Newfoundland. Corner Brook: Scop2, 2010. Print.