Selected Recordings

Maroon and Mi’kmaq Symposium

Robinson, Angela, Cooper, Afua, Joe, Misel, Lumsden, Frank and McKenzie, Stephanie (2013). Click here for Broadcast Version, filmed and aired by Rogers TV. Click here to see full symposium filmed and housed at MUN:

Maroon and Mi’kmaq: An International Indigenous Symposium, November 5, 2013. [Video] 


Interview in Serbia About My Gusle Interest

I have been traveling in Serbia and was lucky enough to receive gusle lessons, the gusle being a traditional Serbian instrument. Women guslars (the term for those who play gusle and sing the epic poetry which accompanies it) are almost unheard of. Consequently, I have been interviewed by the local media about my interest. Read about the lesson here, and read about my reasons for traveling to Serbia here. 


Following the precedent of the Pamela Mordecai recording project (described below), Vladimir Lucien (from St. Lucia) was invited to Newfoundland to first read at the March Hare and, then, travel to CITL’s studios at Memorial University, St. John’s, where he performed/read his award-winning debut collection of poetry, Sounding Ground. See the following link:

Pamela Mordecai Records Twenty-Five Years of Poetry

Working with me on a pilot project, Pamela Mordecai was in Newfoundland in 2015 where she performed and read her five single-author poetry collections for the cameras in the studios of Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS), MUN, St. John’s. MUN, in tandem with an international partner, The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), now house Pamela Mordecai’s readings/performances; the recordings are free and open access to everyone everywhere. To view these recordings, click here.

McKenzie, Stephanie and Shoshannah Ganz, prods. The Uses of Literature: The Poetry of Dionne Brand (A Lecture by Pamela Mordecai). Perf. Pamela Mordecai. MUN, 2012. Video.



Interview with Stephanie McKenzie from Discover NL on Eastlink TV, June 2013 (thanks to Eastlink TV for permission to use on this website).


Stephanie McKenzie has collaborated with various poets over the years, including Pamela Mordecai,  to produce readings, lectures and discussions about poets and poetry. Many of these have been video recorded, and can be accessed here through the library’s website for Memorial University, Newfoundland. The full list of these performances are as follows:

Robbins, Wendy and Pike, Holly and Croll, Marie and McKenzie, Stephanie and Corbin-Dwyer, Sonya and Ganz, Shoshannah (2013) Our Slip Is Showing: The Status of Women. [Video]

Robinson, Angela, Cooper, Afua, Joe, Misel, Lumsden, Frank and McKenzie, Stephanie (2013) Maroon and Mi’kmaq: An International Indigenous Symposium, November 5, 2013. [Video] Click here for Broadcast Version, filmed and aired by Rogers TV.

anitafrika, d’bi young and Williams, Shanda and McKenzie, Stephanie (2013) word!sound!powah! [Video]

Shirley, Tanya and McKenzie, Stephanie and Walbourne-Gough, Douglas and Reid, Helen (2013) The last April rabbit. [Video]

Shirley, Tanya and McKenzie, Stephanie (2013) Poetry reading by Tanya Shirley. [Video]

Goh Poh Seng: A Poet in Newfoundland. Interviewed by Stephanie McKenzie. Directed by Almerinda Travasoss. Produced by Katherine Knight and Site Media Inc. Toronto: Site Media Inc 2007.

This final, much-needed interview with Singaporean/Canadian novelist, dramatist and poet Goh highlights his life achievements and perspectives on art. The film screened at the 4th annual Singapore Short Film Festival.

Goh Poh Seng (Part 1/2) from Site Media inc on Vimeo.